WandaVision Debates Whether Captain Marvel Or Scarlet Witch Could’ve Defeated Thanos


In the buildup to Captain Marvel, Kevin Feige was effusive in his praise for the incoming Carol Danvers, putting her over as the single most powerful superhero the Marvel Cinematic Universe had ever seen. It was very hard to argue with that, too, after watching the third act of the movie, with the franchise’s newest addition proving to be a formidable opponent for anyone or anything in her path.

However, something soon changed, and the company’s Chief Creative Officer eventually backtracked and instead bestowed the honor on Wanda Maximoff. Of course, this was long before a single second of WandaVision had aired, which made it pretty clear that Elizabeth Olsen was about to become a force to be reckoned with in the MCU after spending years on the sidelines.

As the Disney Plus series has shown on numerous occasions over the last five weeks, Wanda is stronger than ever and capable of bending reality itself to her will. This led to a brief discussion between the FBI’s Jimmy Woo and S.W.O.R.D.’s Monica Rambeau, over who came closer to defeating Thanos single-handedly during Avengers: Endgame‘s climactic battle.

Both heroines gave as good as they got, but there are a lot of people convinced that Wanda could have got the job done pretty easily if it wasn’t for the Mad Titan calling for reinforcements. Ironically, Monica sides with Wanda in the argument despite Captain Marvel playing such a pivotal role in her life when she was a child, but the memories are probably too closely linked to that of her mother.

Watching Endgame back, Danvers clearly struggled a lot more during her one-on-one with Thanos than Wanda did, which could be bad news for a lot of WandaVision‘s characters as the events in WestView continue to spiral out of control.

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