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Kevin Feige Says Captain Marvel Isn’t The MCU’s Most Powerful Hero Anymore

Kevin Feige says that despite what we may think, Captain Marvel is now longer the Marvel Cinematic Universe's most powerful hero.


Ever since the earliest beginnings of comic books, fans have always debated which of their favorite heroes would win in a straight-up fight. And now that superhero movies are arguably the most popular genre in the business, we get to find out for ourselves.

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Batman and Superman finally faced off in Dawn of Justice, and the loser turned out to be the audience. Captain America: Civil War, meanwhile, saw two factions of Avengers go head-to-head and end up in a stalemate, while the double-header of Infinity War and Endgame saw Thanos almost wipe everyone off the face off the map completely, before Earth’s Mightiest Heroes eventually united to save the universe.

A lot of people believe that Captain Marvel is currently the strongest hero among the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s massive roster, which led to speculation that she was sidelined for the majority of Endgame for narrative reasons because she could simply turn up and take out Thanos single-handedly. In fact, in the build-up to the release of Carol Danvers’ solo movie, Kevin Feige even admitted that she was the most powerful character the MCU had seen yet.

However, in a recent interview, the company’s Chief Creative Officer seems to have changed his tune, and when asked the very same question, he hinted that one of the leads of upcoming Disney Plus series WandaVision may now have a real claim to the title.

“Well, I think it’s interesting if you look at Endgame, Wanda Maximoff was going to kill Thanos. If he hadn’t desperately, that was as scared as I’ve seen Thanos, and if he hadn’t said, ‘Decimate my entire team to get her off of me’, I think she would have done it’.”

While Wanda has been part of the MCU for a long time now, she hasn’t really been given a lot to do. Comic book fans are aware that she’s one of Marvel’s most powerful characters, but on the big screen, Elizabeth Olsen has been asked to play more of a supporting role. Feige has already revealed that WandaVision will finally use the Scarlet Witch moniker for the first time in the MCU though, so perhaps the introduction of her comic book name will coincide with the first real depiction of her using her powers at full strength.