WandaVision Finale Teases That [SPOILERS] Could Still Return


As Scarlet Witch’s hold on the Hex around Westview began to wane, Vision’s days looked to be numbered and, sure enough, the WandaVision series finale ended in tragedy. But at the same time, episode 9 – which debuted on Disney Plus today – also leaves the door open for a further resurrection for the synthezoid and gives Wanda Maximoff a glimmer of hope that her family could be recreated at a later date.

As introduced in last week’s post-credits scene, White Vision proves to be a formidable opponent for Wanda’s Vision. After a fierce battle between the equally matched opponents, the latter manages to appeal to his double’s sense of logic and cease their fighting before restoring his hidden memories. With his eyes becoming more human, the white synthezoid declares himself to be Vision and flies off and out of Westview.

We don’t know where he goes next, but it looks like White Vision is going to have to wrestle with the fact that he has the old Vision’s memories but is still his own being. At the same time, though, he could prove key to resurrecting the original Vision once more. During their tearful farewell, Wanda and Vis promise that they’ll get to say hello to each other again, which may be Marvel promising the fans that the couple will finally get a happy ending.

Then there’s the post-credits scene of the finale, which sees Scarlet Witch perceiving her twin sons calling out to her in distress. It looks like even though Billy and Tommy were created via Wanda’s chaos magic, their souls are still out there somewhere. Could Wiccan and Speed return in Doctor Strange 2, which is where we’ll next see Wanda? And will Vision turn up at the same time?

Fans have been expecting Wanda to go off the deep end in Multiverse of Madness, but WandaVision may have just teased a more uplifting next chapter for the heroine.