WandaVision Forgot To Answer 2 Big Mysteries In Its Finale


WandaVision set up a lot of mysteries over its first five episodes and to its credit, it answered most of them by the time the final outing concluded. We learned the nature of The Hex, why Wanda is in Westview, what happened to Vision’s body after Infinity War, why there was a sitcom theme to the show and the dark secrets of Agatha Harkness. But there are some loose ends that have fans confused.

The second episode of the series wraps up with S.W.O.R.D. attempting to breach Wanda’s constructed world, first with a remote controlled helicopter and then with an agent. In a tense scene, a man in a beekeeper outfit with a S.W.O.R.D. logo on his back crawls out from a manhole, with bees buzzing around him. Wanda and Vision look on in confusion, only for Wanda to say “no” and rewind the scene.

After the episode, there were a ton of theories about who this mysterious beekeeper was. One of the most common was that this was the MCU debut of obscure villain Swarm, a Nazi scientist who turned himself into a sentient cloud of bees. The theory goes that H.Y.D.R.A. had infiltrated S.W.O.R.D. and sent one of their agents in to take out Wanda.

Of course, that didn’t pan out and the beekeeper never returned to the show, leaving folks disappointed. Fortunately, WandaVision did actually provide somewhat of an explanation, as episode 4 devoted a scene to revealing that the beekeeper was Agent Franklin and the outfit was a transformed hazmat suit. However, as ScreenRant points out, we still don’t know exactly what became of him as “Franklin hasn’t been seen ever since his emergence from the manhole.”

Then there’s the identity of the missing person in witness protection that Agent Jimmy Woo came to Westview to find. This plot thread was introduced in the first episode and then never mentioned again, but fans have some theories. One of them is that this is Evan Peters’ Ralph Bohner, who Agatha transformed into Quicksilver. We got a glance at a few photographs of him during the scene set in his apartment which could hint at someone being given a new identity and he certainly was acting odd, even by the standards of Westview. There’s also a theory that a fake ‘missing person’ may have been concocted by Agatha Harkness to draw federal attention to Westview and cause the whole thing to come crashing down.

In any case, not much in the MCU ever goes unresolved and even if WandaVision failed to tie these two threads up, we’re sure that Marvel hasn’t forgotten about them.