WandaVision Fans Are Losing It As The Show’s True Villain Is Revealed


The latest episode of WandaVision dropped today – with the ensuing avalanche of streams causing Disney Plus to crash – and fans are losing it once again over the Marvel show’s newest revelations.

After weeks of being told that Scarlet Witch is responsible for the Hex and the weird sitcom reality of Westview, episode 7 confirmed the long-running fan theory that Kathryn Hahn’s Agnes is the one who’s really behind it. She’s actually Agatha Harkness, one of the most powerful witches from the pages of Marvel Comics.

Despite most of us having already guessed this exact twist weeks ago, it was still shocking when Wanda wandered into Agnes’ house and discovered her creepy, witch’s cave of a basement, with Agatha appearing to use her magic to take over Wanda’s mind. And you can check out some of the reactions to the big moment below.

This is accurate.

In classic WandaVision style, the truth about Agatha was revealed with a montage of her evil acts that came with yet another catchy theme song.

Agatha is now the first villain in the MCU to get their own theme tune. Thanos is furious.

But as catchy as the theme is, let’s not forget that Wanda and Vision’s twins Billy and Tommy were last seen with Agatha before they mysteriously vanished. And she did joke earlier in the episode that she bit a kid once.

Billy and Tommy had better be OK, otherwise the fans will riot.

So, we’ve now got this one big answer – Agatha’s behind it all – yet we still don’t know any of the specifics. Fans are already theorizing what’s really going on, though. Remember Agnes’ never-seen husband Ralph? He’s got to be Mephisto, right? Could he be the surprise cameo that the cast have been hinting at?

Actually, you know what, forget about Agatha. The “Please Stand By” screen is the true villain of WandaVision. 

With just two episodes to go (unless that rumor of a secret 10th outing turns out to be correct), don’t miss WandaVision when it continues next Friday on Disney Plus.