WandaVision Just Hinted That Scarlet Witch Is The Real Villain Again


Ever since WandaVision was first announced, Marvel fans have been theorizing that the Disney Plus show would build up to Scarlet Witch suffering a major breakdown, which could have terrifying consequences for the MCU at large, given her reality-warping powers. The first three episodes gave us signs that Wanda was hiding darker impulses beneath her perfect sitcom housewife façade, and in this week’s outing, more evidence points to her being the series’ real villain.

In “We Interrupt This Program,” the show leaves Wanda’s POV for the first time to reveal what’s going on in the outside world. Captain Monica Rambeau of S.W.O.R.D., partnering with the FBI’s Jimmy Woo and astrophysicist Dr. Darcy Lewis, is investigating a curious phenomenon – Westview, a small New Jersey town, is surrounded by an energy field that when tapped into broadcasts a sitcom version of life within the neighborhood. The energy signature gives off high levels of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, which dates back to the Big Bang.

As we’ve seen in previous episodes, Monica is sucked into Westview but is eventually kicked out by Wanda after accidentally reminding her of the pain of losing her brother, Quicksilver. Upon being back in the outside world, a shaken Monica reveals the truth. “It’s Wanda,” she says. “It’s all Wanda.”

So, it seems that the bizarre situation surrounding Westview is created by Scarlet Witch herself. This makes sense with the energy signature, too, as her powers come from the Mind Stone, which was forged in the Big Bang. During the episode’s final scene, Wanda also gets a horrifying brief glimpse of a corpse-like Vision before he returns to normal. It appears that the synthezoid truly is dead, then, and his heartbroken lover has only artificially brought him back to life with her powers.

It’s worth pointing out that though S.W.O.R.D. is able to identify the other residents of Westview, they don’t yet know who nosy neighbor Agnes is, so it’s possible she’s a nefarious player manipulating Wanda for her own ends. But, as things appear right now, Scarlet Witch is the true villain of WandaVision