MCU Fans Are Getting Emotional Over Dead Character Reference In WandaVision


WandaVision episode 3 arrived on Disney Plus today, and it only deepened the mystery of what exactly is going on in Scarlet Witch and Vision’s lives. MCU fans weren’t just confused throughout the installment, though, as one name-drop of a long-lost Marvel character got them highly emotional.

As Westview moved forward into the 1970s, Wanda Maximoff gave birth to twin baby boys – Billy and Tommy AKA future Young Avengers Wiccan and Speed. While watching over them with her friend Geraldine after the birth, Wanda softly mentions that she is herself a twin and she has a brother, Pietro.

This is an extremely rare reference to Pietro Maximoff AKA Quicksilver in the MCU, since his death way back in Avengers: Age of Ultron, which also marked the first appearances of both Wanda and Vision. Though her brother’s demise was a major loss for her in that film, Wanda’s grief over Pietro has fallen by the wayside in recent times, so fans were caught off guard by the name-check and here are just some of the reactions going around on social media.

Elizabeth Olsen recently teased that Wanda’s original Sokovian accent hadn’t been erased and now we know what she meant.

This episode was a lot to handle.


Why do we have to wait a whole week until episode 4?!

Of course, it wasn’t just Quicksilver who was referenced in this scene, either. After Wanda mentions her brother, Geraldine (who we know is really the grown-up Monica Rambeau) asks her: “He was killed by Ultron, wasn’t he?” This begins to disturb Wanda’s peaceful existence so she kicks Geraldine/Monica out of Westview, which we see is secured with high-tech fences. Is this augmented reality something being done to Wanda, or something she’s doing to herself after all the pain she’s suffered?

While we wait for WandaVision to continue next week on Disney Plus, feel free to share any theories you might have about the show in the comments section below.