‘WandaVision’ star Kathryn Hahn wouldn’t let anyone else sing “Agatha All Along”

Agatha Harkness from WandaVision
Image via Marvel

WandaVision made a huge impact on the Marvel fandom and internet culture at large when it debuted earlier this year, but it’s fair to say that its most iconic moment was the reveal that the Maximoff-Visions’ next-door neighbor Agnes was really Agatha Harkness, the show’s uber-villain. The rug-pull was depicted uniquely, with the aid of the instant earworm theme song “Agatha All Along”.

While Marvel probably couldn’t have predicted just how much of an impact that song would make on audiences, it turns out that Agatha herself, Kathryn Hahn, loved the theme straight away. So much so that she wouldn’t let anyone else sing it. While speaking to Empire, Hahn explained that there was no way she was going to let anyone else do it but her.

“I put headphones on, listened to it and stared slack-jawed at Matt [Shakman], who was looking at me with such a grin,” she recalls. “It was going to be called, I think, ‘That’s So Agatha’, but then they settled on ‘Agatha All Along’, which was, of course, so perfect. I got asked about singing it and I said they’d have to pry it out of my hands – there’s no way anybody else was singing it!”

As the theme is played at the end of the series’ penultimate episode, it’d be easy to assume the concept came about late in the day. As it happens, though, the theme was always part of the plan and Hahn actually shot the footage that goes into it, which reveals how Agatha’s been pulling the strings the whole time, bit by bit as production progressed.

“At the end of each decade [shoot], Matt would say, ‘Okay, the theme song’,” Hahn explains. “And then we would spend 45 minutes shooting my little sections for what would ultimately be the reveal. Just me clowning around staring at the camera, and that was before we had recorded the song.”

Hopefully, we’ll be hearing some rendition of it in Hahn’s upcoming spinoff, Agatha: House of Harkness. We currently know hardly anything about the project, but presumably, we can look forward to finding out what happened to Agatha after WandaVision and also maybe explore more of her past.

“Agatha All Along”, as composed by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez and sung by Hahn with backup from Eric Bradley, Greg Whipple, Jasper Randall, and Gerald White, just earned Marvel its first Grammy nomination, much to the delight of fans.