Paul Bettany Says WandaVision Still Has Another Secret Marvel Cameo Coming

Paul Bettany in WandaVision
Image via Marvel Studios/Disney Plus

We finally got some answers in this week’s WandaVision. For a while now, we’ve seen subtle clues that Wanda wasn’t entirely in control of Westview, but episode 7 revealed that Kathryn Hahn’s Agatha Harkness has been secretly pulling the strings all along. This was the outing’s big twist and was told via an extremely catchy theme song that reminded me of The Munsters.

But we also saw Vision learning of his tragic MCU past, Wiccan and Speed wondering where they came from, and Monica Rambeau gaining energy-based superpowers and becoming Photon. Despite all this, it seems that WandaVision still has some surprises to come in its final episodes.

In a recent interview, Paul Bettany said that there’s one more big cameo on the way and teased the following:

“There is one character that has not been revealed and it is very exciting, it’s an actor I’ve longed to work with all of my life. We have some amazing scenes together, and the chemistry between us is, I think, extraordinary, and it was just fireworks on set. So I’m really excited for people to see that stuff.”

Of course, fans have pored over Bettany’s filmography to try and figure out who he hasn’t shared a screen with and sadly, we can rule out Ian McKellen, as the pair worked together in The Da Vinci Code. However, he doesn’t appear to have co-starred in any movies with X-Men actors Patrick Stewart and Michael Fassbender. Still, given Bettany’s comments about wanting to have worked with him “all my life” and a telling line earlier in the show, I think there’s one obvious candidate: Michael Douglas’ Hank Pym.

After all, we’ve heard Monica speak about a genius engineer she knows and there are only so many of them in the MCU. Also, WandaVision‘s dimensional warping and mentions of molecular transformation are definitely his speciality. The only flaw in this argument is that Monica said he was an “aerospace” engineer, but then again, Pym has traditionally had his fingers in a lot of scientific pies.

In any case, if Hank Pym really is going to arrive, it’d better be soon, as WandaVision wraps up in just two more episodes.