WandaVision Toy Leak Reveals Wiccan And Speed’s Superhero Costumes

Paul Bettany in WandaVision
Image via Marvel Studios/Disney Plus

One of the most exciting elements of WandaVision has been the introduction of Billy and Tommy, the titular couple’s twin boys, born in the show’s third episode. Though we’re not currently sure if they actually exist or not, the kids will no doubt prove to be important to the future of the MCU. After all, in the comics, Billy and Tommy become Wiccan and Speed, superheroes in their own right and members of the Young Avengers.

And it looks like WandaVision will tease the twins following in their parents’ footsteps, as Brazilian Marvel fan account @BRMarvelNews has shared an exciting leaked image of an upcoming POP Funko! action figure boxset. The limited edition set contains Billy and Tommy figures, depicting them as they are in the upcoming Halloween-themed episode of the series. We’ve seen in promos that Wanda and Vision will wear versions of their classic comic book costumes while going out trick or treating, and this leak confirms that their sons will do the same.

As you can see in the image above, Billy and Tommy’s Halloween costumes are close matches to their superhero outfits. Tommy’s wearing a blue shirt with a white lightning streak across it, similar to that worn by his uncle Quicksilver, while Billy has his signature headband and red cape in tact, resembling his mother’s usual look. Though it’s hard to tell from these figures, the twins will just be kids in the episode, but it’s believed they may grow up by the end of the season.

We still don’t know exactly what’s going on with the Maximoff-Vision family’s sitcom-like existence in the town of Westview, so it’s possible Wiccan and Speed will go poof by episode eight, much like their loss causes Scarlet Witch to lose it in the lead-up to House of M. Don’t worry, though, as they were later resurrected in the comics, so something like that will likely happen in the MCU, too, allowing them to team up with the likes of Hawkeye‘s Kate Bishop and Ant-Man‘s Cassie Lang.

WandaVision continues with its fifth episode this Friday on Disney Plus.