WandaVision Writer Potentially Working On Ghost Rider Show

Ghost Rider

Peter Cameron, the writer behind two episodes of WandaVision and the writer and story editor for Amazon Prime’s Carnival Row, is reportedly working on an upcoming Disney Plus show. Given his background in fantasy horror, some fans believe the show could be the next iteration of Ghost Rider

According to Murphy’s Multiverse, Cameron recently updated his LinkedIn profile confirming he is working on an unannounced Disney+ show. He most recently served as the executive story editor for The Magic Order, a Netflix fantasy horror produced by James Wan. This experience alongside his previous work on WandaVision and Carnival Row provides the perfect background for a fantasy horror Marvel show. 

This has led many to believe Cameron is working on a Ghost Rider show, as the character’s story and background align perfectly with Cameron’s experience. Ghost Rider previously made an appearance on the big screen with Nicolas Cage filling the role of the supernatural antihero. 

Ghost Rider has yet to make an appearance in the established Marvel cinematic universe, although the character did appear in season four of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D TV show. This show is not considered canon, meaning there is still a chance for the supernatural character to make an official debut. 

However, Cameron’s new show is not confirmed to be a Ghost Rider standalone title, so fans should consider all of this information as speculation. But there are reportedly nine new Marvel television shows in development, so there is a chance Ghost Rider will make an appearance.