Warrior Princess Lucy Lawless Wants To Be The Next Doctor Who

It looks like the warrior princess herself has set her sights on becoming a world-famous time-traveling doctor. That’s right, Lucy Lawless, of Xena: Warrior Princess fame, is hunting down the role of a different iconic character: Doctor Who.

Lawless said she loves fantasy shows and that if there was any character she could play in any genre, she chimed in with the desire to play the Time Lord.

Doctor Who, a show that harkens back to the early days of the BBC, made history in 2017 by hiring Jodie Whittaker to take on the role. Whittaker is the first woman to play the titular doctor in the history of the show.

Lawless also said she loves playing roles that are humorous and that comedy just helps her in general. Her favorite Xena: Warrior Princess episodes are the funny ones, she said.

“You name it, I’d want to do it,” she said. “You want ones [roles] with a bit of humor. It just helps get through the day. Comedy is always a lovely way of working.”

While Xena: Warrior Princess ended in 2001 after six seasons, Lawless continued working. She’s notably appeared unclothed in the Spartacus series for the Starz network, and she’s had minor roles in many well-known shows like Parks and Recreation, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Star Wars Resistance, and American Dad!.

There was even a fan campaign for Lawless to replace actress Gina Carano in The Mandalorian after Disney fired her following some incendiary comments about the holocaust.

Lawless said that the campaign didn’t necessarily help her.

“Well to be honest with you, I was already in discussions about something on – it wasn’t The Mandalorian – something Star Wars-affiliated. It might have hurt me in some way, because then they couldn’t hire me because it would seem to be pandering to… I’m just guessing here, I don’t know anything, but in some ways, it can be unhelpful, because if they pander to this fan group, then how are you going to pander to every other fan group, do you know what I mean?”

Lawless will next appear in a new animated show The Spine of Night as a naked swamp with warrior. It releases in theaters and on-demand on October 29.