Lucy Lawless Comments On Fans Wanting Her To Replace Gina Carano in The Mandalorian

Fan casting is nothing new. Whenever a new show is announced people head to social media to talk about their dream casting choices. However, Lucy Lawless’s recent comments has shown that this practice, while fun, can have a downside for performers. 

In February, Gina Carano was fired from Disney+ hit The Mandalorian after making a series of controversial tweets that Disney deemed inappropriate for someone under their employment. This statement was echoed by Lucasfilm, who, when asked about Carano, said:

“Gina Carano is not currently employed by Lucasfilm and there are no plans for her to be in the future. Nevertheless, her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable.”

This means that Carano’s role as Cara Dune was now open, and fans quickly started to argue about who could take over the character. Lucy Lawless, the former Xena: Warrior Princess star, soon became the clear fan favorite, with many tweeting directly at Disney and Lucasfilm to request her inclusion in the series.

However, in an interview with British newspaper Metro, Lawless discussed her side of the story. She explained that she was already in talks with Disney for a totally different Star Wars project but thinks the public demand might have hurt her chances. Lawless speculates that companies are hesitant to cave to fan demand as it builds the expectation that they will do so in the future. Especially as fan backlash can be very extreme if a popular fan casting doesn’t come to fruition. 

“Well to be honest with you, I was already in discussions about something on – it wasn’t The Mandalorian – something Star Wars-affiliated. It might have hurt me in some way, because then they couldn’t hire me because it would seem to be pandering to… I’m just guessing here, I don’t know anything, but in some ways, it can be unhelpful, because if they pander to this fan group, then how are you going to pander to every other fan group, do you know what I mean?”

Lawless also discussed how the fan-casting choice made her feel like she had become political despite not being involved in the situation at all. ‘I became political and I had nothing to do with the discussion,’ she said. Despite these issues, Lawless was flattered by the fan outcry and was happy for the support. She also insists that the event didn’t cause her any long-term problems. 

‘But that’s the way the world is and they meant it out of love, and I thank the fans for their fealty to me. I haven’t thought about that since, so it hasn’t given me any pain, but that was my thought at the time, like, ooh, this makes me look like a political appointment, and not an actress.’

According to Lucasfilm, there are currently no plans to recast Cara Dune despite rumors that Gina Carano will return for season 4 of The Mandalorian. Lucy Lawless is currently starring in My Life Is Murder on Acorn TV. 

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  1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

    Damn. Not only did that harpy GIna Carano destroy her own career with her Twitter trolling, she managed to hut Lucy Lawless’ career as well.

    1. trollthetrollssays:

      You’re an idiot

      1. Conan the Librariansays:

        Idiot isn’t a strong enough word….

      2. Wesley Gibsonsays:

        And yet I still have my job and Gina doesn’t.

      3. Wesley Gibson's Bosssays:

        I need to speak with you Wesley.

      4. Wesley Gibson's Boss's Wifesays:

        No I need to speak with YOU!

    2. MountainDrunksays:

      Wrong. Batshit crazy Twitter nuts ruined Carano’s career and Lawless’ chances at a SW role.

      1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

        Nope. Disney obviously didn’t want to deal with the incel backlash they would get if they hired Lawless. The reactionaries would be trolling them and trying to get her fired like they did with Kathleen Kennedy, Kelly Marie Tran, Daisy RIdley, Brie Larsen, ect. Unfortunately, the smart business move for Disney was to just sidestep that drama by not hiring Lawless at all.

    3. Pull itsays:

      You’re so stupid it’s embarrassing

      1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

        LOL. Carano simps are so mad…

    4. Aholesays:

      Why can’t lefties just go extinct, you do nothing good for the world, war is coming to your people soon.

      1. Jpnhsays:

        “War is coming to your people soon”

        Think about what you just said, and decide if that’s what you really want. I’m not always a liberal except when Trump is involved, but I do have children.

      2. Karl Valansays:

        As if there was anybody who’s scared of Walmart bags filled with flubber.

      3. Dadsays:

        “war is coming to your people soon” Bring it on you snowflake cowards.

      4. Marcus Darkalliussays:

        War is coming to your people? Really Ahole? As a US Army veteran,if you want a fight,I can give a fight. But this isn’t about left and right,it’s about a TV character. Lighten the F up!

      5. FBI… grab this person’s IP address. We have another Jan 6er…

      6. Dollartoothsays:

        You signed up for the military and ready to do the heavy lifting yeah? Course you haven’t. Cheers for the giggle though, myopic politically illiterate halfwits always come out with the funniest stuff. I’d try to explain why you don’t even qualify as wrong, but you’re most likely too thick to understand, and it’s fun to laugh at your fundamental intellectual inadequacies – listening to morons try to form coherent thoughts is like watching a blind old dog bump into a doorframe over and over.

    5. Huntsmansays:

      Your an idiot of idiots

      1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

        I hope Gina sees this and rewards your white knighting with a kiss.

    6. Conan the Librariansays:

      I’m sure she could tell the future and specifically decided to ruin the career of Lucy Lawless.

    7. JarMa13says:

      She didn’t hurt lawless.
      Lawless is just saying replacing her with an outspoken liberal could prove problematic

      1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

        Disney knows that if they hire Lawless, the right wing Carano simps are going to have a neckbeard meltdown about it and cause problems for everybody. Remember: these are the same people who bullied Kelly Marie Tran and Daisy RIdely off social media because they didn’t like a movie they were in. Do you think the suits at Disney WANT to deal with that kind of crap?

  2. Truthier!4567says:

    Gina Carano ruined her own career by being a moron. She was warned numerous times to knock it off with the Twitter craziness but kept at it. Bye bye Gina

    1. TheGuitarGeeksays:

      Isn’t it interesting how conditional, “freedom of speech,” has become…

      1. SomeOneSpecialsays:

        It’s not interesting cause you’re wrong. What’s sad is how many Americans don’t know what “free speech” is.

      2. The Rocksays:

        Freedom of speech doesn’t apply when you’re employed by a company and that company decides to terminate you.

    2. Aholesays:

      The only moron is you, lefty scumbag.

      1. Wesley Gibsonsays:


    3. Huntsmansays:

      God your a dumb ass

    4. JayArnoldsays:

      That is a weird and interesting take. The entire world saw that Gina Carano did nothing wrong. She ran afoul with wild eyed woken weirdo faction of Luclasfilm when it became obvious she was not joining their ranks. These weirdos were useful idiots to Darth Kennedy who needed a way to sabotage Favreau’s work which was far outclassing hers. Her career is far from ruined she is currently starring in AND producing her own movie, you can expect to see her back on Star Wars once Krazy Kathleen Kennedy is out of the picture as D+ subscriptions have been tanking since she was fired. To say “she was warned numerous times” shows you are flat out making stuff up …. go watch her Shapiro interview you can get the whole story from Gina herself – which nobody at Lucasfilm has refuted at all. The net result is she will be back in with LFL with a Producer’s credit under her belt and KK will be out of a job in part for she horribly incompetent way she handled the Carano situation.

      1. JustaFishsays:

        I watched her interview with Sharpio, it was painful lol it was like watching a child trying to cover up what she’s done. Why didn’t Disney respond? Why would they? They have cut ties with her. It’s done. They aren’t going to engage in stupid games. Also, Kennedy isn’t in charge of any of the creative decisions being made with star wars anymore. She’s just there for show now. You can calm down, she’s not going to be ruining the movies anymore. As for the movies she’s making herself, with Sharpio’s help, you can’t say she’s doing well until the movies come out. Just look at Steven Seagal’s recent movies lol

        End of the day, she fucked around and found out. Disney isn’t playing games.

  3. Chris Kinneysays:

    They can’t pander to fan’s casting request, yet they pandered to the few butthurt losers that wanted Carano fired.

    1. Aholesays:

      That’s how brain dead lefties are, they are useful idiots, NPCs, they have no original thoughts.

    2. SomeOneSpecialsays:

      You’re right. It wasn’t Gina’s own fault for getting fired by starting drama with no less than 4 different communities. She would’ve been fine to post her rhetoric if not for those damned twitter woke people!

      1. Big Daddysays:

        Lol, she didn’t do anything wrong. Whatsoever. She posted a relevant meme and refused to put her pronouns on her bio to appease the mob who was ORDERING her to do so, as a purity test. People are over this shit. Black, White, Latino, Asian, Everyone. Done. Last year was the woke high water mark and the midterm elections are going to be a bloodbath.

      2. JayArnoldsays:

        What 4 different “communities” are you referring to? Wokesters, Whiners, Weirdos and Who else? Seriously the only people making any noise were a few hundred people with multiple twitter accounts to make themselves look like a few thousand… which even then is a joke. It’s been said before that these people were simply useful idiots to Kathleen Kennedy who clearly had ulterior motives for sabotaging Jon Favreau’s work by way of a digital anonymous hit job on Gina Carano.

    3. cthundersays:

      Oh you poor pathetic soul. If you tweet nonsense about Jews and Nazi’s and the company you work for is owned and ran by Jews. You should expect to be fired. This isn’t about being woke or cancel culture, it’s about using common sense. Go tweet or posted negative comments about your job and see if you get fired.

      1. JayArnoldsays:

        You goof ball NO jewish person found anything anti semitic about her post. The first media person to come to her defense was Bari Weiss – a jew.. The second person to come to her defense was Ben Shapiro – an orthodox jew who knows a little something about anti semitism. For an LFL “spokesperson”, who was too much of a coward to even attach his name to the statement to label her media “abhorrent and unacceptable… denigrating people and religions” was an ABSOLUTE JOKE. The whole world saw a childish, amateurish attempt at a digital hit job. It totally exposed what absolute incompetent buffoons are in charge of Lucasfilm.

  4. Smh smh guess there not gonna get lucy lawless to be in project

    1. JayArnoldsays:

      There is no reason she should not be in the project she was originally discussing with Star Wars… but apparently the fact that woofing wokesters though she could be recast as Cara Dune (which would have been a joke) made Disney shy away from their original discussions. Thanks again Wokies.

      1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

        They decided not to hire Lawless because they knew that mouth breathing incels (like yourself) would likely target and harass her the same way they targeted other actresses like Leslie Jones and Kelly Marie Tran.

  5. Lol smh

  6. FreeSpeech4Allsays:

    Why don’t all of you sheeple with nothing better to do but try to destroy someone’s acting career get a life. If your feeble mind can’t handle their opinions who the heck are you to try to shut them down. Do yourself a favor shut yourself down and leave Gina alone.

    1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      “Why don’t all of you sheeple with nothing better to do but try to destroy someone’s acting career get a life.”

      You right wing neckbeards have been trying to destroy Kathleen Kennedys career for years because you disagree with her purported feminist political agenda. You’re not free speech advocates. You’re butthurt because you’re losing the cancellation war you started.

  7. Baby Peensays:

    They had no trouble pandering to cancel culture though

  8. John Rambosays:

    Gina is way hotter than lucy sorry facts is facts

    1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      Maybe in 2008. The days of Gina being attractive are long gone.

  9. Gee, the firing of Gina Carano wasn’t pandering to the online mob at all {sarcasm}

  10. Ed Rosssays:

    My standard Gina Rant: I’m an old school liberal who thinks what happened to Gina was terrible. I don’t want people fired for personal political speech I happen to disagree with, because next time it could be me or anyone else. I signed up for a society where you could have a wide range of views and express them freely without fear of retaliation. Free speech is bigger than the first amendment, and liberals used to understand that private corporations are just as big a threat to individual liberty as the government. It isn’t at all out of place to compare what happened to Gina with the Hollywood blacklisting of communists (real and suspected) during the 40s and 50s.

    I don’t want to see Gina replaced, I want to see her apologized to and rehired. But if they have to recast her, Lucy Lawless is sadly to old. Cara Dune is a big muscular, physical character. That’s part of what made Gina so great in that role, she’s just physically dominating. Lucy Lawless hasn’t had that bulk since the 90s, and even then she was agile than hulking. If they recast her I hope they do it with someone with a similarly athletic presence.

  11. JarMa13says:

    I invented wokeness. I am Everyman of the Liberals. (Like king but equal). That said, I don’t like people like the Gina chick. However, Lucasfilms statement was wrong. She didn’t denigrate anyone. Her error was that she is so self-indulgent that she likened the plight of conservatives to Jews in concentration camps. It’s absurd, but to twist her words into something they didn’t mean is no different than her twisting the Holocaust into something conservatives relate to in america.
    Come on.
    Let’s be better.
    And just be honest. We don’t refuse to hire you because of your politics. We refuse to hire because we can’t stand being around you. Your politics are a reflection of that selfish, self righteous persona but it’s not just the politics.

  12. Devilmansays:

    Gina is an Actress i dont agree with her politically but idgaf what she thinks i like to see her on my tv, is everyone on the right gonna hate every actor that spoke against Trump? They are actors who cares what they think you dont pay to see them onscreen as themsevles u watch the characters they play. I remember Sharon Stone tryin to tell people how to vote and shes famous for showing her snatch in a movie am i not gonna watch that scene/pause that scene?

    1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      “is everyone on the right gonna hate every actor that spoke against Trump?”

      Umm…yes. That’s literally what they do. All the time. Not a day goes by that right wingers don’t post comments all over the internet trying to get people to avoid this or that movie or TV show because the cast and/or crew are “woke” (i.e. left-leaning).

  13. Assie McGeesays:

    What fans are you talking about? Also you should probably get a real job.

  14. ThatOneGuysays:

    What fans dumbass, also get a new job

  15. SimpForGinasays:

    Gina Carano literally did not say ANYTHING “denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities.” People were calling HER a nazi “for not ‘saying BLM’ and not putting gender pronouns in her bio.” She pointed out that germans slowly becoming desensitized to others being dehumanized is exactly how those atrocities were allowed to go on (intelligently pointing out the irony). Kathleen Kennedy used that as an excuse to call her antisemetic and get her fired BECAUSE the fans appreciated a strong AND kind embodiment of empowered femininity. Which went against her preferred narrative of those same people not liking TLJ “because we hate women” (rather than because it actively sabotaged the franchise).

    Gina Carano is only guilty of thinking independently “wrong.”

    1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      “(intelligently pointing out the irony)”

      Yeah – nothing says “intelligent” like torpedoing your own career by ham-fistedly comparing yourself to a Jew in Nazi Germany on a public forum.

    2. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      You incels were bitching about Cara Dune being a “feminist Mary Sue” at first. You only started pretending to like the character once Carano became controversial for trolling the left. You don’t like strong female characters. You just like seeing transgender people being mocked on Twitter.

  16. Boldy Bensays:

    The Force is lost to her… or them!?

  17. Shewishes44says:

    I don’t think it’s any ones business what someones political views are when it comes to tweets blah blah blah. Freedom of speech! We live in America it’s her right to voice what she believe and no one, especially a company’s practice to stick their noses in someone personal life!

  18. Shewishes44says:

    You don’t just simply change an Actors/Actresses because that wrecks the rest of the shows. Especially since they have a good thing going! It ticks people off when they kill off a main character etc. Writers need to learn to leave well enough alone!

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