Gina Carano Rumored For Surprise Return In The Mandalorian Season 4

Gina Carano has been absolutely surrounded by non-stop controversy as of late. She has recently spoken out against vaccine mandates and her previous transphobic jokes among other bad behaviors got her fired from her role in The Mandalorian back in February.

Since then, there have been several rumors of her return, but according to a new rumor from YouTuber and Star Wars scooper Mike Zeroh, Jon Favreau himself may have campaigned for her to return to the show with Disney allegedly agreeing to rehire the actress. This would line up with previous rumors that she was in talks to return to The Mandalorian as well.

Zeroh claims that she will return for the fourth season of the show with the announcement potentially happening before the end of the year. This could mean that her character, Cara Dune, might be written out of season 3 which is expected to begin filming soon.

While Carano may have apologized to Disney for her previous behaviors, it’s still a big surprise to hear she may be returning, especially with the reported zero-tolerance policy the company now holds. Will we be seeing her surprise return to The Mandalorian for season 4 in 2023? Only time will tell…