Gina Carano Rumored For Surprise Return In The Mandalorian Season 4

Gina Carano has been absolutely surrounded by non-stop controversy as of late. She has recently spoken out against vaccine mandates and her previous transphobic jokes among other bad behaviors got her fired from her role in The Mandalorian back in February.

Since then, there have been several rumors of her return, but according to a new rumor from YouTuber and Star Wars scooper Mike Zeroh, Jon Favreau himself may have campaigned for her to return to the show with Disney allegedly agreeing to rehire the actress. This would line up with previous rumors that she was in talks to return to The Mandalorian as well.

Zeroh claims that she will return for the fourth season of the show with the announcement potentially happening before the end of the year. This could mean that her character, Cara Dune, might be written out of season 3 which is expected to begin filming soon.

While Carano may have apologized to Disney for her previous behaviors, it’s still a big surprise to hear she may be returning, especially with the reported zero-tolerance policy the company now holds. Will we be seeing her surprise return to The Mandalorian for season 4 in 2023? Only time will tell…

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  1. truthsays:

    How does Disney have a zero tolerance policy when Billie Eilish made a racial slur against asians and now she has her own show?

  2. BigSimmssays:

    Mike Zeroh… not exactly a reliable source. He gets 1 in, just under, 500 right. Don’t believe it. His videos are fan fiction passing as non-fiction.

    1. JayArnoldsays:

      Yeah I am pretty sure Zeroh just says things that people want to hear so he gets more subscribers that way. If you go listen to his video I am pretty sure he will cite “a recent interview” with Favreau or Gina Carano or Bob Chapek…. but you won’t be able to find any record of this interview anywhere. He’s right every once in a while because nothing he says is totally implausible so sometimes it does happen … but I don’t think he has any sources or anything he is just making things up.

      1. Chief Beefsays:

        Exactly this.

  3. Jimsays:

    Are you really so stupid as to think Mike Zeroh is a source or “scooper” for anything other than his own imagination? Or just this desperate for clicks? Sad.

  4. Phlash19dsays:

    Fuck Disney & this “pc” cancel culture bullshit.

    1. Baby Peensays:

      Amen. Cancel the Cancel Culture

    2. Capper1970says:

      I wouldn’t have a problem with her dumb ass returning if it wasn’t for all the goons that came out saying she was the best thing the show has to offer. It’s clear to any sane person that her acting chops need some serious work. She low bar wrestling quality at best. Plus this so called cancel culture is 9 times out of 10 just a morons talking point. You don’t get kicked off of a show if your professional. If you say that people need better health care is a big difference than saying Nazis are cool. Plus the culture of being pissed off over things that have no impact on ones life, just because Tucker says you should be mad about it, doesn’t make a lick of sense. Morons gonna be morons.

      1. ni663rsays:

        look out we have a biden supporter here, you say cancel culture is a morons talking point when there is clearly evidence online of it happening all the time are one of those stupid blm supporters too? you gonna say the riots were justified? there is alot more people at Disney that have done worse but no one fires them, shit look at the high republic team bunch of racist black people who piss and moan about white supremacy on twitter do they get fired?

      2. DarthSillyasssays:


  5. Archersays:


  6. Georgesays:

    Enough with these endless rumors about Gina Carano coming back and just move on!!!!! The Mandalorian will survive Gina’s absence and they’ll probably bring in another character to replace her!!!!! We don’t need Gina when we got a better character and warrior like Katie Sackhoff!!!!!

  7. Wile Esays:

    Article is passive aggressive and snide….. Shame on the clown that wrote this

  8. DarthSillyasssays:

    Mike Zeroh is a moron. He’s that one idiot little brother that probably should have taken a few more beatings. His “hot scoops” NEVER pan out, more like hot scoops of steaming crap. I’d be okay with Carano rejoining the franchise if she had curtailed her socially irresponsible behavior. She has ramped it up more than anything, hope she stays good and gone.

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