Watch: A First Look At Season 4 Of Ozark


If the names Marty and Wendy Byrde ring a bell or if the idea of moving your entire family to a new town for a money-laundering scheme is a storyline you’re totally into, chances are, you’re a fan of Netflix’s hit series, Ozark.

Ozark takes viewers to the Lake Of The Ozarks, where the Byrde family tries to right the wrong of a previously failed scheme with promises of grandeur and a more extensive scale operation. To make the series more believable, the series brought an FBI agent into the writer’s room, and it was a successful move.

One of Netflix’s most popular series, Ozark, is three seasons in, with the fourth set to end the storyline, and fans are wondering what happens for the Byrde family as we say goodbye.

As part of the TUDUM event for Netflix, a first for the streaming platform, fans were given a first look at Ozark’s final season. As viewers know, there are a lot of storylines to wrap up. Of course, the Byrde family never imagined the types of people they’d meet at the Lake Of The Ozarks and the new trouble they’d brew, and after three seasons, there’s a lot of it.

So what does season 4 look like so far? How will the series wrap up, and what exactly should we expect as we visit Ozark one last time?

First, we see our favorite criminal couple in a blood-soaked stupor, trying to clean themselves off before they look over their shoulders to see something that stops them in their tracks.

It looks like the Byrdes are still incredibly valuable to the cartel. At the same time, other loyalties will be tested, and what exactly happens as the lives and actions of the power-player families intersect for the last time? Who will survive and who won’t live to see another day? We anticipate a showdown that’ll leave us all speechless.

Ozark‘s final season will hit Netflix in 2022.