Watch: The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Cast Give Favourite Moments


The superhero realm is a massive one, larger than any one specific facet of heroes. While it’s easy to pick a favorite and get lost in their stories, it’s exciting to know how many others are out there, lurking…waiting. The Umbrella Academy is one of those lesser publicized but well love groups of heroes who are also a lot like you and me.

The group of heroes is also a group of adopted siblings who come together to uncover the mysterious life and murder of their father. Okay, so maybe they’re not exactly like us, but the sentiment remains. In fact, their lives are a little extraordinary in ways that focus less on the hero aspect and more on the human one. Some have lived incredible lives, others saw rough patches, and it’s a sad story with one dying.

As they come together to understand more about their dad, they test the boundaries of their own relationships while knowing that a great fight is on the horizon. One of the siblings came back from the future to warn them of an apocalypse — so that complicates things.

The first and second seasons saw the trial and error the siblings experienced in trying to stop the world from ending, and the third season looks like it’s going to be a fight once again.

Netflix gave fans some questions with the cast leading up to the third season during the TUDUM streaming event, and fans cannot wait to revisit The Umbrella Academy and find out what the heroic siblings have up their sleeves this time around.

The Umbrella Academy‘s first two seasons are available on Netflix now, so catch up with this unlikely group of heroes before season 3 airs. You won’t want to miss it.