Watch: Beta Prepares For War In Tense New Walking Dead Promo

The Walking Dead

Still reeling from last night’s installment of The Walking Dead? We’re right there with you.

“Look at the Flowers” was an intense episode for many reasons, as viewers were given more insight into the Whisperers, and the strained friendship (if that’s what you want to call it) between Negan and Melissa McBride’s Carol.

The latter character enjoyed a significant chunk of screentime during Sunday’s second-to-last episode – remember, COVID-19 has left AMC with no choice but to finish TWD season 10 early, before airing a special one-hour finale in the summer – but in “The Tower,” episode 10×15, things come to a head.

Don’t believe us? Check out AMC’s official promo up above, in which you’ll see Beta overlooking a sea of Walkers. Yikes.

Sure, the Coronavirus outbreak may have forced AMC to play their hand early, but it looks certain that The Walking Dead‘s next installment will be one to remember.

The official logline is as follows:

The communities prep for the final battle of the Whisperer War, while Eugene’s group meets Princess.

In other news, it seems AMC continues to develop the planned three-movie trilogy for Rick Grimes, what with rumors that Carol herself will be reuniting with Andrew Lincoln’s wayward survivor. Whatever the case, it seems Rick’s survival is becoming something of an open secret, given Daryl Dixon is beginning to twig on to the fact that his long-time ally is not dead – he’s very much still alive.

The Walking Dead season 10 wraps up a little earlier than planned with this Sunday’s “The Tower.” Expect a bloody finale to the long-brewing Whisperer War, while long-time fans of the Robert Kirkman comic book saga are eagerly awaiting the proper introduction of Juanita Sanchez (Paola Lazaro), otherwise known as The Princess.