Watch: AMC Reveals First Promo For The Walking Dead Season 11

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead returned to our screens for six new episodes last night, and in a surprising move, AMC decided to use the occasion to tease what’s coming once this mini-season is up. Yes, we’re talking about the post-apocalyptic drama’s much-anticipated eleventh and final run.

A short teaser trailer debuted during the season 10C premiere on Sunday night, promising “a new world order” to come. And you can check it out for yourself down below:

Obviously, at this early stage, the promo doesn’t give much away and only lasts for 10 seconds. As you can see, though, it showcases an interview room set-up, complete with recording equipment and two-way mirror. And no doubt fans of the comics will know what this is about.

When Eugene and company are captured by the Commonwealth upon their arrival, they’re interrogated by a man named Lance Hornsby, the snappily dressed bookkeeper of the settlement who’s responsible for vetting every newcomer to the community.

We’ve actually already heard him in the season 10C trailer, too, which featured a stern voiceover asking the gang: “Let’s start with your name. Where are you from? Where were you when the fall happened?” Presumably, then, we can expect Hornsby and his interview room – which, in the comics, is an adapted train car – to debut soon. Probably in 10×20 “Splinter,” which we know will drop in on Eugene, Ezekiel and company.

We’d previously been told to expect season 11 this October, as per TWD‘s typical release schedule, but the above promo makes the surprise announcement that the final run will actually premiere sometime in the summer instead, taking the slot usually filled by Fear the Walking Dead. Remember, the show may be coming to an end, but we still have 29 episodes to go, including the rest of 10C. Season 11, meanwhile, will stretch on for a super-sized 24 weeks of zombie goodness.

The Walking Dead continues with 10×18 “Find Me” this weekend on AMC.