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Watch Arya’s Big Game Of Thrones Moment Set Against The Avengers Theme

Ever wonder what Arya's big Game of Thrones moment would look and sound like with the Avengers theme blasting in the backdrop? Wonder no more.

Game of Thrones

It’s no secret that this past weekend brought about the ultimate double whammy: Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame, and the most ambitious Game of Thrones episode ever filmed.

Otherwise known as “The Long Night,” HBO’s 82-minute marathon was a well-crafted battle scene involving the Night King and his undead army, who arrive at the gates of Winterfell in search of Bran Stark. He’s safely tucked away in the Godswood, where Theon Greyjoy and the remaining Stark soldiers vow to protect the newly-appointed Three-Eyed Raven, whatever it takes.

Naturally, that leads to Theon accepting certain death, but the real standout moment is when Arya Stark blindsides the Night King – and the entire GOT fanbase, it seems – to plunge her Valyrian dagger deep into the fleshy ice, shattering the show’s über-villain and bringing his reign to a swift and satisfying end.

But what if said scene featured the so-hot-right-now Avengers theme from composer Alan Silvestri. Wonder no more…


It’s a cool moment, though sadly there are no portals opening up behind Arya Stark, just as they did during the third act of Avengers: Endgame. Back in Westeros, though, the war between the living and the dead has finally come to a close. There is still one war that remains, of course, and it’ll pit the show’s true power players against one another for the final time.

Game of Thrones returns to our screens this Sunday, May 5th. Meanwhile, Avengers: Endgame has already cemented its place among the box office greats. Indeed, at $1.2 billion and counting, Marvel’s tentpole is well on its way to $2 billion, and the more optimistic analysts out there believe Endgame stands a chance of toppling Avatar at the tip-top of the charts.

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