Watch BBC’s New Sherlock Trailer Right Now


Yeah yeah, Doctor Who is all the rage this weekend, but for those of us who’ve outgrown our David Tennant jammies and waving a plastic screwdriver around (I swear to God I’m kidding, so please don’t send me nasty letters or destroy my home please and thanks), Steven Moffat’s true achievement is BBC’s superb Sherlock. I can scarcely believe so much time has passed since the heart-stopping conclusion to season 2’s “The Reichenbach Fall,” but here we are. Sherlock’s return is upon us, in more ways than one, and it just got all the more real with this brand new teaser trailer.

What’s most striking about this teaser trailer is that which sits atop John Watson’s upper lip. I’m sure Martin Freeman can overcome the distraction (because he is the best at acting, you see) but it’s certainly what I took away from it. Mustache. Mustache mustache mustache. You’ve also got the smirksome pleasure of seeing Sherlock’s true undisputed nemesis Anderson sycophantically siding with Holmes’ fan club in the wake of his apparent death, as well as a veritable assault of the hashtag #SherlockLives.

Listen up, you. Sherlock is the best. We’ve all had our theories about just how exactly he pulled it off (with mine being that he had a safety net and then a giant cartoon pencil eraser rubbed it out when we weren’t looking), but in less than two months we’ll all be clued in, no doubt in a manner that will dazzle through breathless exposition and likely earn Sherlock a good punch for his efforts. January can’t come soon enough. After all, despite rumors to the contrary… Sherlock lives.