Watch: ‘Bel Air’ teaser reveals the gritty ‘Fresh Prince’ reboot


Of all the shows in the world that needed a grounded and gritty reboot, not many people would have named beloved sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as a prime candidate. And yet, that’s where we find ourselves, with Peacock debuting the first teaser for the aptly-named Bel Air, which comes to streaming next year.

Morgan Cooper’s viral sensation found such an audience that Will Smith stepped in to snap up the television rights, with Bel-Air being handed a two-season order right out of the gate. The project hasn’t been without its setbacks, though, with showrunner Chris Collins dropping out to be replaced by T.J. Brady and Rasheed Newson.

In a twist of delicious irony given his surname, Jabari Banks was announced to be stepping in as Will to headline a hard-hitting drama about race, class and societal issues, and the teaser leans into one of the most iconic TV theme songs ever while still outlining that this is an altogether different beast from the wacky adventures we’ve seen before.

Hopes are high for Bel-Air, if only for the acclaim and buzz that greeted the short film which ended up serving as both the genesis and catalyst for the entire operation, and we can’t wait for the eventual full-length trailer.