Watch: Courtney Barnett’s ‘Harriet The Spy’ theme gets new music video


We’re now getting an official music video, which you can view right here, for the theme song to the kids animated show Harriet The Spy after the series made its premiere on Apple TV Plus last month.

The song, called “Smile Real Nice,” is by indie rock darling Courtney Barnett, who is known for her distinctive lilting singing style and clever lyrics — both of which are on full display in this song.

Perhaps not since the theme song to the classic Disney animated sitcom Pepper Ann has there been as compelling and rocking of an anthem for a girl marching to the beat of their own drum.

With lyrics like “I am gonna be who I wanna be, my autonomy” and “My friends are quality, not quantity,” it’s clear Barnett’s garage-band message is one of positivity and self-acceptance for the children viewers of the show.

Ziggy Marley might just have to watch his back before Barnett perhaps dethrones his acclaimed Arthur theme song, “Believe in Yourself,” as the all-time best animated kids show tune.

Harriet the Spy was originally a classic children’s novel about an enterprising young girl in New York City that has spawned multiple film and TV adaptations.

With Apple TV Plus’s take on the franchise, it features an almost watercolor picture-book retro style that, in terms of visuals, is sure to please connoisseurs of ’90s cartoons like the aforementioned Arthur and Hey Arnold!

The series stars Lady Bird‘s Beanie Feldstein as the titular Harriet, Glee‘s Jane Lynch as Ole Golly, and Party of Five‘s Lacey Chabert as the main character’s frenemy, Marion Hawthorne.

Harriet the Spy premiered on Nov. 19 and is currently streaming on Apple TV Plus.