Watch: ‘Elite: Short Stories 2’ trailer teases fitting send-off for beloved characters


Elite, Netflix’s hugely popular hybrid thriller/teen drama series, has officially been renewed for a sixth season. There’s still a long wait ahead until fans of the Spanish show, created by Carlos Montero and Dario Madrona, can see all of their favorite characters return, of course, but that doesn’t mean the streaming giant is going to leave folks empty-handed.

As revealed today via an unconventionally early trailer drop, Netflix has dated a new round of Elite: Short Stories. These take on the form of short vignettes aimed at updating viewers on events that have taken place since the conclusion of each prior allotment of episodes. This time around, there are three shorts to make note of, with the first arriving next month, Dec. 15.

Phillipe, Caye & Felipe will be the three central characters for the debut episode, with Samuel & Omar and Patrick getting their own time in the limelight on Dec. 20 and 23 respectively. Check out the trailer above.

As for Elite season 5, no release date has been confirmed as yet, though due to it having been shot back-to-back with this year’s season 4, there shouldn’t be too much of a wait to ensure. Stay tuned for further updates.