Watch The Extended Dream Sequence From The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere


Cast your mind back to last year’s season premiere of The Walking DeadIn case we weren’t sobbing enough already after Glenn and Abraham’s gruesome deaths, the show then served up an emotional dream sequence which imagined a future where the pair survived and everything was all well and good at Alexandria. It was a heartbreaking and touching moment, but it turns out that there was originally more to this scene than what we saw on TV.

Thanks to EW, we can now watch the full version of the sequence that was ultimately excised from the episode. We’ve got it embedded above for your viewing pleasure but be warned, you might need a box of Kleenex handy.

The heartbreaking scene, set to Bear McCreary’s touching score, sees Glenn playing with his young son, who we know he never actually got to meet, on a picnic blanket and kissing his wife Maggie. Abraham is also there, and is sitting with a pregnant Sasha (a character who bit the dust as well by the end of the season) on a bench. Everyone’s enjoying themselves and looking happy – Carol’s baking cookies, Michelle’s serving up beers while smiling, Aaron’s helping out and bringing firewood, Spencer’s still alive, too – and then it all ends with Glenn and Abe peacefully nodding to each other.

This sequence, as well as many other deleted and alternate scenes, behind the scenes featurettes and commentaries, can be found on The Walking Dead: The Complete Seventh Season boxset, which is available on Digital HD, DVD and Blu-Ray from August 22nd. It comes at a good time, too, as season 8 of The Walking Dead is set to premiere on October 22nd on AMC.

Who knows, we might even be about to have another dream sequence on our hands in the new season? After all, that’s one possible explanation for that much-anticipated “Old Man Rick” scene from the Comic-Con trailer.