Watch: Extended Supernatural Promo Teases The Final 7 Episodes


“This is where it ends.” So warns this new extended promo for the final batch of episodes of Supernatural‘s fifteenth season. Last week, The CW dropped a short teaser for the resumed last run of the record-breaking show, and now we have this further trailer which amps up the hype even more.

Season 15 should’ve wrapped up months ago, but it was pulled from the schedule back in March due to the pandemic affecting production and post-production. Starting in October, just in time for Halloween, the series will begin airing its last ever seven episodes. And this promo promises that the stakes have never been higher.

The trailer begins with Billie AKA the current Death (Lisa Berry) warning Dean (Jensen Ackles) that God (Rob Benedict) will unleash his next attack on the world soon. The Winchesters have a way of stopping the Almighty, though – Jack (Alexander Calvert), son of Lucifer himself, is destined to kill God. But can the good guys really pull it off and save the world? “I control space and time,” says a skeptical Chuck. “They think they can kill me?”

Whatever happens, this is truly it for the Winchester brothers’ adventures. “My entire life, you’ve kept me safe,” says a teary Sam (Jared Padalecki) to Dean in one moving clip. “It’s you and me.” In another clip, Castiel (Misha Collins) warns that the pair are “shouldering a great burden.” “We don’t have a choice,” replies Dean. “The whole mission is saving the world.” Just in case you weren’t feeling the finality enough yet, the promo then ends with Dean sitting in the Impala telling Sam, “it’s time.”

Yup, after a decade and a half, and an extra half-year delay, Supernatural is really, actually, 100% coming to an end. Don’t miss the final seven episodes from Thursday, October 8th on The CW.