Watch The Opening Scene Of Rick’s Final Walking Dead Episode


This Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead is a big one. A huge one, in fact.

Titled “What Comes After,” it’ll be the fifth installment of the current season and as you no doubt know, it’ll also be Rick’s last, as Andrew Lincoln gets ready to leave the zombie juggernaut for pastures anew.

Judging by last night’s promo, it’ll be a bittersweet finale for the show’s fearless leader, as he stumbles mindlessly towards ground zero. Which is to say that the visibly distressed Rick will be heading back to Atlanta in the hope of evading a herd of flesh-munching zombies. Will he make it out alive? Or has he been doomed to the same fate as his son?

We’ll find out very soon indeed, but if you just can’t wait for more, we’ve got the opening scene from the episode down below for your viewing pleasure. At only about a minute in length, it’s not much, but it does at least give us a look at how things will kick off this coming Sunday.

From what we understand, this scene is a shortened version of one that was made available exclusively to AMC Premiere customers, and according to, the remainder of it shows how Rick makes his escape from the cliffhanger ending of last night’s episode.

Here’s how they describe the rest of the scene:

Rick stirs awake. He quickly becomes aware of his situation: he’s impaled, he’s alone, and a hulking herd of walkers is drawing perilously closer with each labored breathe.

Unable to pry himself from the metal rod embedded in his side, Rick quickly undoes his belt. He swings it upward, latching onto another sticking-out piece of metal, screaming in horrific pain as he hoists himself up.

Freed, Rick scrambles for the spooked white horse nearby. He throws himself on its back, barely conscious as he rides away, the seemingly endless stream of walkers behind him following in relentless pursuit of their prey.

That’s where things end, but already we’re giddy with excitement to see what comes next and no doubt, this Sunday’s installment of The Walking Dead is going to be a hugely emotional one, so you’d best have your tissue box ready when you sit down to watch it and bid farewell to Andrew Lincoln, who’s been leading the charge on the show for nearly a decade now.