Watch: The God Of Mischief Must Fix Reality In New Loki Trailer


The God of Mischief is back, and this time he’s being press-ganged into helping save the universe instead of trying to conquer it.

Yes, Marvel unveiled a brand new trailer for Loki this morning, the third of the studio’s Disney Plus original series, and it gives us our best look yet at the show that’ll see Tom Hiddleston return as everyone’s favorite Asgardian trickster. Plus, this time he’s paired with Owen Wilson’s Mobius, of the Time Variance Authority.

As Mobius explains in the trailer, Loki broke reality when he stole the Tesseract in the alternate timeline visited in Avengers: Endgame, and now he’s been captured by the TVA to help them fix it. Thor’s brother will be tasked with fixing breaches in the timeline, but given that he’s stabbed people in the back so many times, can he really be trusted to do the right thing? We think not.

As mentioned above, this will be the third MCU show and following in the footsteps of WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, expectations for it are through the roof. In fact, a recent study even found that Loki is tracking higher in terms of anticipation than those two series were.

Will it be able to live up to the hype? Well, Hiddleston’s title character has always been a firm fan favorite and the addition of Owen Wilson to the cast is a huge plus, so we’re pretty confident that Kevin Feige and his team will find themselves with another hit on their hands. Though we’ll find out for sure when Loki debuts on June 11th and presumably crashes Disney Plus in the process. Don’t miss it.