Watch: Jason Momoa And Dave Bautista Kick Ass In New See Season 2 Trailer


History has shown that audiences love high concept sci-fi, big budget fantasy and beefy dudes beating the ever-loving sh*t out of each other, and on that basis alone, the latest trailer for Season 2 of AppleTV+ series See looks to deliver everything you could possible want and a whole lot more.

Apple’s entry into the top tier of the streaming wars has been slow to say the least, which is largely because the platform doesn’t possess a lot of in-house content with the ability to capture the imagination of either the public or online community. See bucked that trend to a certain degree by delivering plenty of star power in the form of Jason Momoa and some epic production values, while the addition of Dave Bautista to Season 2 has instantly doubled the levels of grizzled badassery.


See takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the vast majority of the human population lost their vision, forcing humanity to evolve as an almost entirely blind species, to the extent that those with the ability are deemed as heretics. Naturally, evil forces are looking to seize that power for themselves, forcing Momoa’s fantastically-named Baba Voss to protect his family at all costs because his daughter Haniwa can see.

Bautista has been cast as Momoa’s brother, and you can only imagine the volume of protein that was consumed in that household when they were growing up, looking at the sheer size of them and the ease with which they dispatch their enemies in the footage. Season 2 of See is coming to AppleTV+ on August 27th, and the great news for fans is that a third run of episodes has already been ordered, so the journey is far from over.