Watch: Jordan Peele Introduces New Promo For Twilight Zone Season 2

The Twilight Zone

We don’t have long to wait for the second season of CBS All Access’ The Twilight Zone, which will premiere next Thursday, June 25th. The anthology series divided some critics in its first run, but was enough of a hit for CBS All Access to grant the program another block of episodes. And now, after a recent trailer, we’ve received a new promo starring Jordan Peele, who both executive produces and provides Rod Serling-style narration for the show.

In the promo, which you can catch above, we get Peele describing the allure of the “Twilight Zone” and its traditional role as being beyond science and even humanity. We also get brief looks at some of the ten episodes of season 2, as well as looks at guest stars such as Joel McHale and Morena Baccarin. Throw in the iconic Twilight Zone theme, and the flashes of strange goings-on offer a nice taste of what’s to come when the series arrives next week.

Twilight Zone

Compared to the main trailer for the new run, which gave us a lot more character detail, the new promo appears to be more about hitting home the iconic voiceover and music of the series. In terms of stories, we know that Peele wrote “Downtime,” wherein Baccarin is seemingly caught in a world undergoing maintenance, while horror vets such as Osgood Perkins and Ana Lily Amirpour are also directing episodes.

With only a week to go until we get all ten episodes of The Twilight Zone, we can expect there to be more solid details of what’s to come heading our way, although it’s likely that CBS All Access will want to preserve the all-important mysteries at the heart of the show. Fans will also be hoping that the second season of the reboot will have a more consistent run of hits versus misses than season 1, and that the early excitement about Peele taking on The Twilight Zone can be fully realized. After all, with the Candyman reboot hopefully arriving soon, it could be another big year for him.