Watch: Korean drama ‘Snowdrop’ gets new trailer, full series now available on Disney Plus


International fan bases for Korean dramas have been on the rise since the release of Squid Game on Netflix. Thus, it makes sense for Disney Plus to test the waters and see if it can follow in Netflix’s footsteps and attract more subscribers to its platform by bringing on board the popular and rather controversial K-drama, Snowdrop. And after debuting all sixteen episodes of the series, the streamer has finally released its official trailer.

The trailer offers a glimpse at South Korea of 1987 where Jung Hae-in’s Lim Soo-ho and Jisoo’s Yeong-ro cross paths. But their love story takes place in the backdrop of one of the most significant years in South Korean history — the year when citizens stood up against the authoritarian government and demanded fair elections that eventually led to the democratic vote in December 1987. 

We see their innocent feelings caught in the political turmoil of the country. But even though the character of Jung Hae-in cautions Jisoo that “it’s too dangerous to go with me until the end,” the trailer makes it evident that their forbidden love isn’t ready to bow down, no matter what the circumstances.


Snowdrop is Jung Hae-in’s first leading role after starring in the Korean drama, A Piece of Your Mind. The series also marks the acting debut of K-Pop band, BLACKPINK’s singer, Jisoo. 

Snowdrop originally aired on the Korean channel JTBC on Dec. 18 and faced many controversies as many claimed that its storyline was distorting history. Many petitions were also raised demanding the cancellation of the period drama, despite the network’s clarification that the series wasn’t “disparaging the democratization movement.”

But despite the controversies and petitions, Snowdrop’s viewership ratings remained strong. It was previously released weekly on Disney Plus in Asia-Pacific regions and swiftly became the most-watched series in Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, as reported by Flixpatrol.

You can binge all 16 episodes of Snowdrop, now streaming exclusively on Disney Plus.