Watch: Loki Becomes A Classic Disney Cartoon In New Promo


The cross-brand synergy between Disney and the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been very beneficial to both parties so far, with Kevin Feige’s franchise generating countless billions at the box office, while the shift into episodic storytelling has reaped rave reviews, Emmy nominations and bumper viewing figures for the Mouse House’s platform.

We’ve already seen Tom Hiddleston’s Loki cross over with The Simpsons in an animated short, but a new promo for the trickster’s solo series re-imagines the fan favorite antihero as a cartoon character straight out of the Disney Vault. As part of the Untold web series on YouTube, the actor takes a trip down memory lane to reminisce about his decade wearing the Aasgardian’s horns, accompanied by some wonderfully old school animation.

It’s yet another way to entice fans with Loki, which ran for an all-too-brief six episodes this summer, but was confirmed as the first MCU Disney Plus exclusive to be officially renewed for a second season to take the edge off those withdrawal symptoms. On top of that, the finale also cracked the facade of the multiverse, meaning that we could be looking back at the project as perhaps the single most important installment in Phase Four when all is said and done.

Not a bad return for Hiddleston’s first time taking top billing in the shared superhero saga, and while Loki has always been a fan favorite, he’s experienced a similar uptick in popularity among casual audiences as Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch since he got his own streaming show.