Watch: Loki Mid-Season Trailer Teases A Lot More Mischief To Come


With the first three episodes behind us, Disney Plus has released a mid-season trailer for Marvel’s Loki. Much like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier before it, the Tom Hiddleston vehicle unfolds across six parts, so we’ve only got three weeks left of the God of Mischief’s solo antics left to go. The good news is that we can rest assured they’re going to be packed full of action, intrigue and timey-wimey weirdness.

In keeping with D+’s marketing style, this trailer keeps the spoilers to a minimum, with much of its length spent recapping what’s already happened on the show so far, including Loki’s capture by the TVA, his partnership with Mobius (Owen Wilson) and the arrival of Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), a female Loki variant. However, the last 45 seconds or so cram a lot of fresh footage in there, too, which teases a few things we can look forward to seeing.

Firstly, there’s a shot of Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) entering what looks to be the lair of the Time Keepers. Fans have a lot of theories about who those space lizards really are, so this appears to confirm we will get to meet them soon enough. Another clip depicts Loki and Sylvie watching the destruction of Lamentis, before another sees them arrested by the TVA, which likely tells us how they escape the doomed planet.

Last but not least, the trailer also teases a scene that “Lokius” fans are sure to love, one where Mobius encourages the Asgardian trickster to become a better person. “I believe, stupidly, that you can be whatever you wanna be,” says Wilson’s character. “Even someone good.” Will Mobius’ faith in Thor’s wayward brother turn out to be well-founded?

We’ll find out when Loki episode 4 launches on Disney Plus this Wednesday, June 30th.