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Watch: Lucasfilm releases a one-minute clip from ‘Andor’

Cassian Andor smuggles goods from right under the nose of the Empire.

The majority of the galaxy far, far away fandom could care less about what a character from Rogue One got up to before he became a hero of the Rebellion. But as we inch closer to the release of Andor on Disney Plus, it seems that audiences are getting more and more hyped for Tony Gilroy’s new Star Wars outing, and with good reason, too.

In this new clip, supposedly from the three-episode premiere on Sept. 21, Cassian Andor talks to Stellan Skarsgård’s new character, Luthen Rael. The pair are discussing a transaction of sorts, with Cassian selling him something stolen from an Imperial naval base. Luthen asks how he did it, and Cassian shrugs it off by saying, “You just walk in like you belong.”

Andor takes place five years before the events of Rogue One, centering around the life of its titular protagonist as he transforms from a thief to one of the most influential characters in the rise of the Rebel Alliance. The first season is supposed to depict the first year of the events leading into the spinoff movie, while the second and final season — also 12 episodes long — deals with the next four.

The showrunner has described Andor as a novel, the first half of which you’ll see from mid-September onwards. The second half is currently undergoing pre-production, though unlike many other Star Wars shows from the MandoVerse, even if Andor ends up performing exceedingly well for the Mouse House, viewing figures and all, the show will end with its second season just as Gilroy has outlined.

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