Watch: Master Chief and Makee finally meet in ‘Halo’ episode 6 teaser

Master Chief
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The official Twitter page for Halo on Paramount Plus has once again released the teaser for the upcoming sixth episode, “Fumbling in the Dark,” with Master Chief and the rest of the UNSC struggling to decide what to do with Makee after the events of last week’s outing.

As you can see for yourself below, the survivors of the latest skirmish between the UNSC and the Covenant manage to make it back to Reach, where Master Chief interrogates Makee to learn the truth about her identity and their shared connection in tapping the power of the mysterious artifact.

The caption also has a tease for viewers, reading: “Trust is the hardest thing to earn, and the easiest to lose,” a double entendre aimed at Dr. Halsey and Master Chief’s tremulous dynamic — now that the latter has found the truth about his past — and Makee’s secret cooperation with the Covenant.

After watching five episodes, we’re officially halfway through with the Halo adaptation, a live-action take on the popular video game franchise that’s been a long time in the making.

The next episode, premiering this Thursday on Paramount’s streaming platform, will take us into the second half of this spiraling sci-fi epic, but since the series follows an original narrative, where Master Chief will wash up by the end of it is anyone’s guess.

Halo has thus far managed to stir quite a bit of controversy over some creative decisions about the main character, namely the fact that he constantly removes his helmet in the series, but the latest episode, “Reckoning,” managed to win fans over to some extent to due its well-directed and choreographed action sequence. As of now, the episode retains a score of 8.4 on IMDb, which is the highest for the series.

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