Watch: 'Halo' Episode 8 Promo Teaser Released
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Watch: Master Chief is benched in ‘Halo’ episode 8 promo clip

Paramount has heard you loud and clear: More Master Chief nudity!

Master Chief
Image via Paramount Plus

The UNSC gang is gearing up to steal the spotlight again on Halo, so in case you missed Pablo Schreiber’s Master Chief while watching episode seven, there’ll be a lot of him in next week’s outing. More so, in fact, that many of us had bargained for before the live-action adaptation premiered almost two months ago.

As you can see below, the promo teaser starts with Master Chief contemplating the nature of his existence again in front of the Spartan quarters’ mirror and doing it the only way he knows how.

The next 50 seconds involve an awful lot of talking and info-dumping, no doubt from Makee, who’ll be bringing humanity to the doorsteps of the Covenant. It’s still unclear if the character is fully indoctrinated into their cause or playing a long game, but UNSC will end up losing a lot more than just the second half of the artifact if she somehow manages to transfer Reach’s secret coordinates to her alien overlords.

Humanity is also preparing for some sort of offensive, with the higher-ups calling in the Silver Team to spearhead the mission. If the teaser is anything to go by, though, Master Chief won’t be accompanying them on this particular adventure due to his emotional instability.

As the story develops, the show might take a surprising turn and reunite John and Kwan Ha on Madrigal. They’ll have a lot of catching up to do, not to mention that Kwan’s role as a “Protector” has to somehow play into the overarching narrative of the artifacts and the Halo Array.

Halo episode eight becomes available for streaming on Paramount Plus come May 13.