Watch: Mike Myers returns as Dr. Evil in Super Bowl commercial


Renowned actor and comedian Mike Myers is officially returning on Feb. 13 as Dr. Evil — and we’re absolutely frickin’ stoked.

In a teaser promo posted to General Motors’ Twitter account, Myers once again points his familiar pinky in its glamorizing Super Bowl ad, while the classic Dr. Evil theme echoes in the background. The 24-second clip certainly doesn’t shy away from the hype surrounding the famous Austin Powers villain, including several titles like, “His plans are diabolical. He rules not with an iron fist — but with an iron pinkie.” The ad will be released in full at the Super Bowl this Sunday.

While details regarding Myers’ collaboration with the big-name automotive company remain unknown, the return of a familiar face will no doubt create an increase of revenue and site traffic for the automotive company — which has its sights set on a future of electric vehicles, much like several competitor companies.

Myers’ Dr. Evil served as a polarizing figure in the Austin Powers saga, as well as a prominent cinematic figure with tons of nostalgia and quotable moments. Despite seemingly keeping a low profile in recent years, Myers did reprise his role as the calculated villain in a special Saturday Night Live cold open back in 2014.

Mike Myers famously achieved widespread success in Wayne’s World, though it was the three Austin Powers films, which grossed $469 million globally, that transformed him into a household name. With that, perhaps Evil, just like the captivating teaser indicates, is truly back for good.

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