Watch: ‘Moon Knight’ promo teases a man possessed ahead of premiere


Marvel is teasing Oscar Isaac as a man possessed less than a day ahead of the premiere of Moon Knight on Disney Plus in the latest promo.

The story centers around Isaac’s Steven Grant, a mild-mannered British gift shop employee who suffers from insomnia, fugue states, and memories of another life. Steve soon discovers that his original identity was as a callous mercenary named Marc Spector, who suffers from dissociative identity disorder.

Marc becomes possessed with an Egyptian moon god named Khonshu, granting him special abilities and a fairly drippy wardrobe.

With DID, the differing personalities are known as alters. Depending on which alter Isaac’s character assumes — be it Marc or Steven — the superhero vigilante alter ego has a differing outfit and personality, as well. For instance, when Steven is behind the wheel, he becomes the three-piece-suit-wearing Mr. Knight when under the spell of Khonshu. But when the moon god embodies the jerkish mercenary Marc, the super antihero is simply called Moon Knight, and the outfit includes a cape and an almost mummy-inspired wrap encompassing his body.

The latest teaser leans into the character’s tortured existence, when Steve seems frightened and baffled in response to a cafe worker telling him what day of the week it is.

Billed as a six episode event, with each subsequent episode thereafter dropping weekly, the series premiere of Moon Knight will hit Disney Plus Wednesday at 3am ET, 2am CT, and midnight PT.