Watch: Moon Knight Set Video Reveals Big Action Scene


After months of radio silence since shooting kicked off at the end of April, we’ve gotten more information on Moon Knight in the last several days than we’d heard since the Oscar Isaac was first announced to be playing the titular antihero in October of last year.

Ethan Hawke has been divulging some details on his character without actually revealing who he’s playing, claiming that his mysterious villain will be based on infamous Waco leader David Koresh, with the actor also admitting that it was Isaac who convinced him to board the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Disney Plus series after the two bonded over a mutual appreciation of each other’s work.

Then, the first look at the leading man in costume reportedly leaked online, although it hasn’t been corroborated or verified if it’s the real deal just yet. The online response was a little mixed, but if the images are indeed legit then a grainy production still is hardly going to be reflected of the finished product.

The latest snippet of Moon Knight news has come via a brief clip that shows an action sequence being filmed on location, and while it’s hardly pristine footage, it does at least appear to indicate that the leaks may be above board. That’s not a guarantee by any means, but the colors on the costumes are pretty similar, so if Marvel releases a photo in the not too distant future then it’d be safe to assume it’s been done to stem the spread of low-quality snaps.

Moon Knight still doesn’t have a locked-in premiere date or even confirmation of who anybody except Isaac has actually been cast as, but the cult favorite making his live-action debut is more than enough to get people hyped.