Watch: Netflix Reveals 10 Scary Scenes Guaranteed To Make You Scream


Are you looking to binge a creepy TV show over the next few days as a Halloween treat but don’t know which one to go with? Well, Netflix is here to help you as they’ve just compiled a supercut of the scariest moments from several of their TV series. The official Netflix YouTube account recently shared a video which brings together 10 scenes guaranteed to make you scream from the likes of Black Mirror, The Haunting of Hill House and American Horror Story, and you can check it out for yourself up above.

The first clip showcased comes from Black Mirror season 3’s “Playtest,” starring Wyatt Russell as someone trying out a cutting edge – and terrifying – VR experience. Next up, there’s a scene from Stranger Things season 3, where the meaty, mulchy form of the Mind Flayer stalks Nancy and Jonathan through a hospital. The Haunting of Hill House is then represented with the scene where young Luke Crain is trapped in the basement with something nightmarish.

Angela Bassett also gets a bloody frightening vision in American Horror Story: Roanoke, while Sabrina Spellman meets the Dark Lord in footage from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Meanwhile, Camille faces a terrifying home invasion in a clip from French horror series Marianne, and in the next selected scenes, Nina Locke gets trapped in a mirror in Locke & Key and a monster lurks in Victorian London in Penny Dreadful.

Last but not least, German sci-fi thriller Dark then reminds us not to go walking in the woods at night and, in a clip from South Korean horror show Kingdom, a young woman falls foul of some ravenous zombies in medieval Korea. Overall, this supercut features a nice mix of well known titles and a few that you might have missed before now. And if you haven’t caught up with any of these shows yet, you certainly have time to blast through a couple of them on Netflix before Halloween hits this weekend.