Watch: Netflix unveils teaser of spy thriller ‘In From the Cold’


Netflix has unveiled its latest teaser for the spine-tingling spy thriller series In From the Cold.

The show, which released Friday on the streaming service with a debut season of eight episodes, follows the exploits of a now-exposed ex-Russian spy, American single mom Anya, played by Stasya Miloslavskaya, who must juggle family life duties, unique shape-shifting skills, and the rising tide of battle from an insidious enemy.

The show also stars Margarita Leviena, Cillian O’Sullivan, Lydia Fleming, and Charles Brice.

The series looks to be bringing plenty of action, life-or-death encounters, sexy espionage tactics, and plenty of plot puzzles to unravel in a world that may appeal to fans of another identity-remixing spy show, Alias.

The series was created by Adam Glass, an American comic book writer, screenwriter and television producer. He previously worked on TV series like Supernatural, Cold Case, and Criminal Minds, and wrote comic books ranging from Marvel’s Deadpool and Luke Cage to DC’s “The New 52” phase of Suicide Squad. He also wrote the Aftershock-published comic book Rough Riders, a League of Extraordinary Gentleman-like historical fiction series where figures such as Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, Annie Oakley, ex-slave-turned-brawler Jack Johnson, and Harry Houdini band together to save humankind from a catastrophic threat in a steampunk-like world.

Given Glass’s track record in both TV and comics, we expect to see plenty of action with supernatural elements sprinkled in for good measure in his latest spy thriller. In From the Cold‘s first season can be streamed on Netflix now.

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