Watch: New Marvel’s What If…? Promo Teases An MCU Show Like No Other


Our next Marvel TV obsession is about to launch next week. What If…?, Marvel Studios’ first animated production, is an MCU show like no other as this anthology series is set to dive into a different alternate reality each week, with every episode brought to life with a multitude of your favorite MCU stars. Now that we’re almost just seven days away from the premiere next Wednesday, a new promo for What If…? has dropped which features even more fresh footage.

“What if the stories you remembered changed in a way you’d never forget?” asks the trailer voiceover guy, as one intriguing clip plays. It sees the original Avengers lineup uniting but with one major alteration – Black Panther is in place of Hulk. “What if the heroes you knew became something larger than life?” the voiceover continues, playing over footage of Captain Carter flipping over a truck.

“Expect the unexpected,” we’re then told over a bunch of shots of some of the variants we’re about to meet – Killmonger saving Tony Stark at the beginning of Iron Man, Gamora in Thanos’ armor and Spider-Man, well, being Spider-Man. We also hear a snippet of Samuel L. Jackson reprising Nick Fury as well as Jeffrey Wright, joining the MCU as Uatu the Watcher, the series’ narrator.

The first reactions to the show have been positive, with many calling it the most ambitious MCU show yet and the perfect continuation of the multiversal themes of Loki. Episode 1 will introduce Hayley Atwell’s Captain Carter, a Peggy variant who took the super-soldier serum instead of Steve, while episode 2 follows a version of T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman, in his final Marvel performance) who becomes Star-Lord. Also look out for a Marvel Zombies-themed episode.

Don’t miss the 10-part first season of What If…? when it kicks off August 11th on Disney Plus.