Watch: New ‘Moon Knight’ promo teases the hero’s powers


Moon Knight premieres on Disney Plus next week and will be bringing one of Marvel’s strangest heroes to life. Often wrongly dubbed “Marvel’s Batman,” Moon Knight is nothing of the sort. In both comics and the show he’s a supernaturally powered being more akin to Ghost Rider than the Dark Knight, though his exact capabilities remain a mystery.

Marvel Studios is maybe hoping to clear this up with a new promo titled ‘Skills’ that aptly showcases his powers. Check it out:

Thirty seconds isn’t enough to fully summarize what’s going on with Moon Knight, so here’s how I see it. The lead character suffers from Disassociative Identity Disorder and has two distinct personalities. One is mild-mannered English gift shop employee Steven Grant and the other is gritty American veteran mercenary, Marc Spector.

The character has also been chosen to be the avatar for the ancient Egyptian god of vengeance Khonshur, which gives him the ability to summon “the suit.” In Spector’s case this is the caped and hooded Moon Knight, and in Grant’s the dapper Mr. Knight. Khonshu’s powers imbue Grant/Spector with super-strength, agility, and a healing factor making him near-invincible.

There’s likely more to it than this. In the comics, Grant/Spector has further personalities buried inside him and it wouldn’t be surprising if they’re revealed later in the series. But even from what we know this is a hero who’s unlike anything the MCU has seen before. The only close comparison is Bruce Banner/The Hulk as both are at odds with another very different personality occupying the same body.

Moon Knight will premiere on Disney Plus on March 30.