Watch: New Walking Dead Season 11 Promo Teases Huge Stakes

The Walking Dead returns for its final season in just a couple of weeks, and this promo does a great job of teasing how the stakes have never been higher. With the end in sight, the famously trigger-happy show could be about to get extra dangerous – not all of the survivors are going to make it out alive as they fight to reclaim their home Alexandria from the latest threat to their existence, the Reapers. Check out the trailer via the video above.

“What we have, compared to everything that’s out there, is rare,” says Maggie (Lauren Cohan) in the promo. “That’s why we need to take it back.” Maggie apparently believes in this mission so much that she’s willing to team up with old enemy Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to do it, as the teaser includes a clip we’ve already seen in previous promos – of Maggie accepting a gun from the ex-villain. “This is our home, and we’ll fight to save it,” declares Aaron (Ross Marquand) in another clip, while we see Judith (Cailey Fleming) training up her fellow kids on how to fight. She’s definitely her parents’ daughter…

“I don’t leave anybody behind, not ever,” promises Daryl (Norman Reedus), as he raises his crossbow at an unseen assailant. The heroic speeches continue as Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) ends the trailer with a selfless message. “We live for them,” he says, over a montage of various survivors, such as Rosita (Christian Serratos), Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and Kelly (Angel Theory), in action. “If we die, we die for them.”

Reedus has previously explained that the super-sized 24-part season 11 will be broken up into two storylines – first of all, it’ll focus on the battle against the Reapers before the Commonwealth arc takes over, with the militarized community – the biggest ever seen in the TWD universe – being teased at throughout this trailer.

The Walking Dead season 11 premieres its first block of eight episodes on August 22nd on AMC, while AMC Plus subscribers can catch it from August 15th.