Watch Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke giddily react to the ‘Moon Knight’ trailer and yes, the accent

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You’d figure after enduring the grueling shooting conditions of a superhero series and the interminable waiting through the post-production schedule that the leads would be more than a little jaded about the project, right?

Will, Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke are here to prove that theory wrong. In a video dropped today on Marvel Studios’ official Twitter feed, the two watch the newly released Moon Knight trailer together and the pair are as giddy as any two ride or die fans settling into front-row seats on opening night.

The many fans who have been somewhat skeptical about Isaac’s accent in the trailer will quickly find they’ve got an ally in Isaac himself -of a sort anyway. Isaac immediately goes into riff as his trailer voiceover begins mimicking the famous “Please sir, may I have some more?” line from the 1960s movie musical, Oliver!. After some good-natured ribbing and a shout-out to Kid Cudi – the artist’s hit track “Day ‘N’ Nite” features heavily in the trailer – the two get down to business, calling out their favorite moments and playing into the trailer’s more suspenseful moments.

Hawke can’t help throw in a bit of cheekiness as his character, Arthur Harrow comes into frame. ” I look a little bit like Brando in Island of Dr. Moreau,” says the Training Day actor, referencing Marlon Brando’s notoriously over-the-top appearance in the infamous box office turkey.

“And there he is…in all his glory,” says Isaac as his character’s superheroic alter ego finally makes his appearance. Both actors then burst into exuberance, hugging each other as the Moon Knight logo appears on the screen.

Moon Knight

It seems both actors might be awaiting the series release just as fervently as any of their fans. Only two months and some change to go. Moon Knight hits Disney Plus on March 30

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