Watch: ‘Peaky Blinders’ series finale trailer invites you to ‘witness the final act’

Image via the BBC

The final episode of Peaky Blinders, concluding one of the most ambitious narratives in television, more than ten years in the making, will premiere this Sunday on the BBC. But are you ready to witness the end?

That’s a question even our main character Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) is inclined to ask, rather self-consciously, from viewers in the latest trailer for the series finale. This feature-length episode, titled “Lock and Key,” promises to not only conclude this sixth and final season’s narrative, but also the story at large. Check out the trailer below.

In the usual Shelby manner, Tommy gives an awe-inspiring speech about family, while also presenting both the characters and the viewers with a somber question: “Shall we witness the final act?”

Over the past few episodes, the Brummie gangster has gone through what is arguably the darkest hour of his life, with the last outing giving him a true taste of death and tragedy from the get-go. Now, Tommy will be facing his inner demons one last time, in an attempt to find redemption at the end of his blood-soaked path, just as showrunner Steven Knight promised all those years ago.

That won’t be the end for the Brummie ruffians we’ve grown to know and love, though, as the creator has also teased that a movie sequel that takes viewers well into World War II will take up the story where the show leaves off.

As for whether Tommy will make it out of the series finale alive and appear in the movie, I guess we’ll have to wait and see for ourselves when “Lock and Key” airs Sunday at 4 pm EST.