Watch: The Sandman BTS Featurette Teases Netflix’s DC Show

Image via DC Comics

After 30 years, The Sandman is finally coming to the screen. Various adaptations of Neil Gaiman’s mythical DC universe have been attempted for a long time now, but nothing ever came of them… Until Netflix stepped in. Now, production is underway on a big budget TV series based on the bestselling comics. And the streaming giant has celebrated the incoming show with this new featurette that dives behind the scenes.

The two-minute promo follows Gaiman as he’s shown the expansive sets created for the series for the first time, as well as including a few words from two of its stars – Tom Sturridge, who’s playing the Sandman himself, Morpheus, and Gwendoline Christie, a gender-flipped Lucifer. “This is Sandman being made by people who love Sandman for people who love Sandman,” Gaiman says in the featurette. “I cannot wait for people to see this.”

Fans are sure to explode with excitement at this teaser, which – while it doesn’t reveal the cast in action – does offer up a few key sets and props. For instance, Dream’s gas mask, a model of his faithful companion Matthew the Raven and a glimpse at Morpheus’ lair in The Dreaming. As Gaiman sums up for anyone unfamiliar with the source material, The Dreaming is the realm of fantasy and imagination that Morpheus rules over.

Though they aren’t included in this trailer, The Sandman is set to star a packed ensemble cast bringing to life the many iconic characters from the comics. Kirby Howell-Baptiste is Dream’s sister Death, Mason Alexander Park is their non-binary sibling Desire, Boyd Holbrook is nightmare creature The Corinthian and Jenna Coleman is Johanna Constantine, John’s ancestor who will be taking his role in the adaptation. Charles Dance, Asim Chaudry and Stephen Fry are also on board.

Now that this featurette is here, hopefully Netflix will serve up some further teases of The Sandman – like a look at Sturridge in his full Dream garb – pretty soon.