Watch: School Of Chocolate Brings Mouth-Watering Contest To Netflix


When it comes to dessert-centered cooking contest shows, Netflix arguably has a corner on the market with series like The Great British Bake Off, Baking Impossible, and Nailed It, among many others. Now chocolate lovers starved for even more content in this reality show subgenre will soon be treated to a brand new mouth-watering competition in time for Thanksgiving weekend called School of Chocolate.

The trailer for the show’s first season features mind-blowingly edible chocolate art, such as a loving recreation of the Marvel character Groot giving some birds a drink of water, an impossibly intricate flower lily pad, a full-blown chandelier, and even a pterodactyl.

“This is 100% chocolate,” said famed chocolatier and host Amaury Guichon, who will be mentoring the eight contestants for a chance to win a career-changing opportunity. “No trick, no wire, no wood, no foam,” Guichon added of the chocolate Groot.

Guichon has made a number of viral posts on social media from his delectable creations, some of which include chocolate guns, a 90-pound whale, and even a chocolate Excalibur.

According to the website of his Pastry Academy, Guichon has spent 17 years devoting his life fully to “the pastry industry,” including having spent the last seven years traveling the world and “learning from different cultures and teaching high-level pastry skills.”

Now based in Las Vegas, Guichon runs an intensive 10-week program covering all the bases of the pastry craft, from the fundamentals to advanced skills.

Catch School of Chocolate‘s first season on Netflix on Nov. 26.