Watch: ‘Sins of Our Mother’ reveals Netflix’s latest true crime docuseries


Netflix is here to hook you in with its latest true crime docuseries, Sins of Our Mother.

Sins of Our Mother follows the story of what appears to be a picture-perfect family unit with a devoted mother of three, Lori Vallow, at its center. But something changes for the worst over the course of three years, with Lori now in jail awaiting a trial for conspiracy to commit murder and first-degree murder. Lori’s charges are in connection to the deaths of her fourth husband, her fifth husband’s wife, and her two youngest children.

Sins of Our Mother also features the first-ever interview with Lori’s sole surviving son, Colby. Colby will provide “exclusive insight into his family’s backstory as well as their present-tense narrative as Lori faces justice,” according to a press release for the show. The release continues,

“At the heart of this three-part series is a single burning question: how did a seemingly normal woman become the most notorious mother in America?”

The true crime tale also examines the relationship between Lori and a religious leader and fervent believer in the apocalypse, Chad Daybell, with interviews indicating Lori seemed to change after meeting him.

Netflix has a stellar reputation when it comes to true crime documentaries, with addicting series such as Making a Murderer and Evil Genius. What’s more, the director of Sins of Our Mother, Skye Borgman, has already helmed highly acclaimed true crime documentaries for the streaming service, including the film Girl in the Picture and the series I Just Killed My Dad.

Catch all three episodes of Sins of Our Mother on Netflix on Sept. 14.