Watch: Star Wars: The Bad Batch Mid-Season Trailer Teases What’s Still To Come


Disney Plus today dropped a new promo for its hit animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch now that it’s past the halfway mark of its first season (of many, we hope). It’s mostly a recap of the events of the first eight episodes, likely aimed at hooking in any viewers yet to catch up on the show, but there is a sprinkling of fresh footage hidden in there, too. Watch it for yourself in the player above.

The trailer reminds us of the central premise of the series. Following the rise of the Empire, Clone Force 99 AKA the Bad Batch, a group of genetically enhanced clones who weren’t turned during Order 66, have gone rogue as they protect a mysterious young female clone named Omega from the bounty hunters sent after her. Their most dangerous foe, however, is Crosshairs, formerly one of their own who’s gone over to the Dark Side.

One of the hunters on Omega’s tail is Fennec Shand, with Ming-Na Wen reprising her role from The Mandalorian. The promo features a clip from a previously unseen meeting between Shand and Omega, so we know we’ve got that to come. Conspicuous for his absence in this trailer, however, is Cad Bane. The fan favorite bounty hunter, who hasn’t been seen since The Clone Wars, made a shock comeback in last week’s episode as he got his hands on Omega.

Disney clearly decided to keep that spoiler under their hats for this trail, but fans can’t wait to see more from Bane now he’s back. The good news is that the next episode arrives tomorrow. With the first eight behind us, we’ve still got another eight to go of this 16-part first season. A renewal has yet to be made but it feels like a safe bet, given the popularity of what you might call the Filoniverse. Don’t miss Star Wars: The Bad Batch as it continues Fridays on Disney Plus.