Star Wars: The Bad Batch Brought Back A Fan Favorite Clone Wars Character

Star Wars: The Bad Batch

When some folks described Star Wars: The Bad Batch as the spiritual successor to Dave Filoni’s The Clone Wars, we had our doubts about how the narrative could pick up after the tumultuous ending of the original series. Not only that, but we knew that the creative had already taken Rebels in a different direction, so putting a unique spin on his latest project didn’t seem like such a far-fetched idea.

Eight episodes into the show, though, and we can safely say that it’s essentially a continuation of its predecessor – The Clone Wars season 8, if you will. Not only has the narrative brought back characters like Fennec Shand, Captain Rex, Grand Moff Tarkin and more, but this week’s episode, titled “Reunion,” revived one of the most legendary bounty hunters in the galaxy far, far away.

Concerned about Crosshair’s performance, Lama Su hires another mysterious mercenary to find and capture Omega. As for the former, the rogue member of Clone Force 99 manages to track down his old colleague and cut off their escape. As the team struggles with Crosshair, Omega and Hunter are confronted by none other than Cad Bane, the male Duros bounty hunter who became a fearful figure during the years of the Clone Wars.

Bane and Hunter get into a good old-fashioned duel, which culminates in the sellsword shooting the leader in the chest and kidnapping Omega. And when the rest of the team catches up, the villain is already gone.

While many fans might celebrate the return of the heartless bounty hunter in Star Wars: The Bad Batch, getting the better of him will prove to be no easy task for the squad, though it’ll be something that they’ll nonetheless attempt to do as Omega has been their top priority ever since escaping Kamino as fugitives.